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Rates / Tarif


Guest House Formula per night (including Service Charge):

By commodity, we recently changed our way to display our rates by including the service charge.

Usually, in Nepal, all the prices are displayed without the 10% of service charge which are then added to the bill. If you compare our prices with others, thanks to keep in mind to take it into account :)


Room 1 (king size bed) :  3 200 Npr

Room 2 (queen size bed):  3 000 Npr

Room 3 (twin beds):  2 800 Npr

Whole Groundfloor House: 8 500 Npr


Downstairs Wing:

For 1 to 2 guests accomodation:  2 800 Npr

For 3 guests accomodations: 3 050 Npr

For 4 guests accomodations: 3 300 Npr

For 5 guests accomodations: 3 550 Npr

(Extra bed 650 Npr)


Breakfast small (toast, butter, jam, and a hot drink): 350 Npr

Breakfast medium (small + fruits and cereals + fruit juice): 600 Npr

American Breakfast (medium + eggs and sausages): 750 Npr


Lunch or Dinner: 1 200 Npr - Child meal 600 Npr

Meals are provided on a set-menu basis we can organize together according to your taste.

All the ingredients we use are among the best quality available in Nepal, raw vegetables and fruits are washed with mineral water, and preferably we choose organic products when available.


For snacks and drinks, informations will be available in the house.



We may offer discounts based on length of stay, you can contact us for intermediate durations.

Groundfloor whole house discount for 3 nights: 22 500 Npr


Breakfast (toast, butter, jam, and a hot drink): 300 Npr

Meal: 1 000 Npr - Child meal 550 Npr


Downstairs Wing:

Downstairs Wing  discount for 3 nights:

For 1 to 2 guests accomodation:  7 500 Npr

For 3 guests accomodations: 8 150 Npr

For 4 guests accomodations: 8 800 Npr

For 5 guests accomodations: 9 500 Npr




We can offer several options if you wish to organise events or birthday parties:

1 - full day AVAILABILITY of the house, terraces, garden and staff, preparation, organization, cooking your ingredients, and maintenance of the site, without the use of the bedrooms:  18 000 Npr - or with the use of the  bedrooms 22 000 Npr -

2 - We can provide our usual menu at the rate of 1000 Npr, and you bring cake and drinks, or we can determine together special parties'menu, including birthday 's cake and drinks from 1 400 Npr to  1 800 Npr depending on the ingredients choice.


Paddling pool preparation and filling: 3 000 Npr (we have to order a water tanker specially for the purpose)




13% VAT will be added on all above rates when eligible


Extra services:

- use of the washing machine at the cost price (we provide good quality washing powder) 200 Npr

- ironing on demand 150 Npr / hour




While staying with us, you will help us to help underprivileged children in Nepal,

all the profits are be devoted to them.